Friday, May 31, 2013

Martha The Space Girl


Tabitha of Action

Tabitha of Action is a half human half Xudder Hybrid. Her mom was a human and her dad was a Xudder. a Xudder is a wise species of aliens who serve and protect and keep the world balanced. They know many knowledge to write down to keep in there ancient library and they have the power to shoot lasers out there eyes. Tabitha also has the ability to shoot lasers out of her eyes and she does however knows martial art and is a heroic adventurer she also has a best friend Named lily. lily is a computer genius and is Tabitha's partner in adventuring and roommate. Tabitha has a pet cat name katniss. katniss is a purple cat with a light purple star who has the power to shoot stars out of the star of her chest. katniss has been her friend sent she was a kitten. Tabitha also has a weapon that looks like a double bladed trident called Lazuli